Friday, December 23, 2011


I came to new country

To find my place at home

I saw many shaded faces

But this one stood out.

Like the nimble tip of a lit candle

Gentle like a feline purr


Like the unbroken surface of a pool

I hoped to sit on


That too would be a miracle.

My heart was rent around this time

But there was a promise of warmth

In the arms of the door

Soon to fade like chimney smokes.

Dreams are the preserve of the chosen

This flicker will glow on another brow and yet another

Till )teasefo) will find rest in the bosom of )d)fo).

Leave this one here on the wall beyond touch

So )kwantuni will pass this way and see

That the road of love is tortuous to the summit

But remember also that

Nkakra nkakra, abrewa b3foro b3p) akoduru soro.

Nana Asaase © 23/12/2011